Konsert under GAS- festivalen i Trollhättan 16 Oktober 2015

Sören Hermansson

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When: Friday 16/10, AT 19.00
Where: Konsthallen Trollhättan

Sören Hermansson started his career in 1974, joining the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. Between 1978-1981 he continued his studies in Amsterdam and Berlin and between 1982-89 he was a member of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Since 1989 Sören has focused on solo and chamber music playing. He has commissioned and premiered over 50 works, been Professor at University of Michigan, and his teaching and performing has taken him to most parts of the world. During the past years he has been focusing on performing new works for horn and electronics.

For the 2015 GAS Festival Sören will premiere the pieces Dark Harbour written by Åke Parmerud.

Full program
Åke Parmerud – Dark Harbour
Marcus Fjellström – Deanimator
Fredrik Olofsson – REDEEM
Leilei Tian – OM

Marcus Fjellström
Born in Sweden in 1979, Marcus Fjellström is a composer and multimedia artist. His work ranges from the purely orchestral through electronic music and audiovisual work.

For the 2015 GAS-Festival Sören Hermansson will perform Marcus’ piece Deanimator for solo horn and electronic music.

Deanimator is a nine minute piece for solo horn and electronic music. There is a man-machine theme running through Deanimator, as my intentions were ”to fuse the organic with the mechanical, the natural with the artificial, the metal with the flesh”. I have always been fascinated by the relationship between the human performer and the electronic music in performances like these, and I wanted to combine these two in an organic, physical, almost visceral way, as the EAM part evokes physical aspects such as the electric, the mechanical and the metallic, juxtaposed with the organic and warm physicality of the horn player (the metallic and mechanical aspects of the horn instrument itself being the mediator). – Marcus Fjellström

Fredrik Olofsson
Fredrik Olofsson studied composition at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since his graduation 15 years ago, he has worked as a software and electronics developer for art installations, and as a performer of live video and electronic music. Currently, alongside collaborations, commissions, residencies, workshops and live performances he is doing contract work for the project rhyme.no in Oslo, Norway and teaches computational art at Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Leilei Tian
Leilei Tian was born in China in 1971. She has studied composition at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and at the Conservatory of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden. After attending a one-year course of electro-acoustic music in IRCAM, she settled in Paris. Her music has been widely performed and well received internationally. She has also won several prestigious international competitions such as Besançon Composition Competition for Orchestra in France, Contemporary Music Contest ”Citta’ di Udine” in Italy, Gaudeamus Competition in Amsterdam, Composition Competition of GRAME in Lyon and ISCM Cash Young Composer’s Award of “World Music Days ” in Zürich. From 2006 to 2008 she was the residence composer of CoMA Contemporary Music Center in Sweden and in 2012 she received the Järnåkerstipendiet for chamber music in Sweden. Being awarded “Prix de Rome” by the Academy of France, she had a one-year residency at the Villa Médicis in Rome from 2012 to 2013.